Tekh Togo – The Big Saces EP (Album Review)

Tekh Togo – The Big Saces EP (Album Review)

A true emcee is not only someone who blends words impressively, but also someone who can paint a picture with the music. That music you hear and it takes you to where the wild things are, with each line playing out in front of you based on the art presented. That cinematic approach shines in Tekh Togo’s new “The Big Saces EP”. A seven track EP that’s packed with impressive wordplay, and brilliant production to make you feel each record in your own way. Below is a review of this new body of work.

Reincarnated: “There’s no room for skeletons in my closet” This record sets the tone early for what you can expect. The song starts with the classic Jordan scene from Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” before he blesses us with his rhymes. The sophistication of his style shines with incredible wordplay over this production that sounds like a harder version of Nas “One Love” to get you invested for what’s to come

For Real (Mic Fight): The Wu Tang influence is prominent, with the sound taking you to Ghostface Killah’s “Sunflower”. The music tells a story in itself, but Tekh is able to add even more detail , with imagery that comes courtesy of the rhymes, as he embodies true emceeing at it’s finest.

Flying Saucers: “Togo Spielberg out here n**ga” The track wastes little time getting you invested, with a saxophone sample that’s instantly engaging. He starts off with braggadocios speech, letting us know the level he is on is different than the rest. The project marvels in the sound being able to have cinematic feel, with this record being a shining example of the fact. The rhyming is in pocket, and the lyricism is golden with each line bringing more light to make it shine to the fullest.

Honeymoon Killers: If there was a record where the flow steals the show it’s this one. Deon crafts a funky production that sonically keeps things forward, while Tekh dances all over this record that sounds like it would be a live favorite, as he is commanding for every second of audio.

Hudson’s Nautica (Remix) featuring Willie The Kid and Hus Kingpin: Tekh Togo links with Willie The Kid and Hus Kingpin to make a super fly ode to the Hudson’s department store and the brand Nautica when it was at it’s pinnacle of hip hop/street fashion in the 90’s. The music isn’t just super cool, but super dope with high talent on full bloom. The lyrics are amazing in their approach, being filled with slick wordplay, and overflowing swagger in the flows, to make it all come to life on this soulful boom bap production with a luxury feel.

Goon Hand: The story telling that helped Hip Hop rise to prominence is what this record is packed with. Mozaic is able to capture Tekh’s luxurious rhyme style to the fullest. What Tekh is able to so throughout this project, especially in this record is make you take on his fly and confidence he exudes in the music. The music makes you dream about being on top to create an experience you can keep coming back to.

Outta State featuring Dougy Lo Hot: The perfect send off for this project. Tekh comes together with Dougy Lo Hot to give you everything you love from him. The production captures a bright soul feel, that is packed with bright city lights. The chorus is big time, and the rhyming is stellar to give it the replay value this record deserves.

Tekh Togo’s “The Big Saces EP” is a Hip Hop masterpiece that showcases the soul and flair that people com to this genre for. The emceeing is on a higher plain, with next level artistry in the wordplay, as well as the flow that is packed with major flavor to deliver everything perfectly, on each beat that is supreme in it’s own right.

Check out Tekh Togo “The Big Saces EP” below and follow him on Twitter, as well as Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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