Paria- C’mon (Official Video)

Paria- C’mon (Official Video)

Music sticks with you when you know the artist is giving their all. That soul that comes from the music, that is gets you invested emotionally, as you connect to the artist on a spiritual level. That type of music is what makes falling in love with music fun and that’s what you get from Paria on the new song “C’mon”.

Paria gives you nothing short of brilliance on the new song “C’mon”. Her vocal approach is amazing, with each line being delivered with the right amount of soul that it melts you with every note. The writing is stellar in it’s articulation and helps this record, come full circle to create not only a great record, but a must hear experience you will cherish for time to come.

Paria’s “C’mon” embodies the magic that great music has. She delivers in every way not only in the music, but the visuals as well to help to take this record to the stars. If you need good music in your life this record is served on a diamond platter, waiting to be enjoyed.

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