Nia Orea x Lil B – Sticks (Remix)

Nia Orea x Lil B – Sticks (Remix)

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for an even better weekend. To kick things off we always try to start with best of the best and what’s better than a super dope collaboration between producer Nia Orea and Based emcee Lil B on the new song “Sticks (Remix)”.

Nia Orea and Lil B come together to capture the authentic feel between producer and artist on the new song “Sticks (Remix)”. The production sets an amazing tone with hard 808’s that knock out your speakers to keep your head moving. Lil B steps right in pocket to deliver his signature style of rhyming, with lyricism his dedicated fan base will love every second of, as they give you all you could ask for.

Nia Orea and Lil B “Sticks (Remix)” is an amazing record that embodies the art of collaboration. Each element plays it’s own special part to make it must hear with Nia Orea and Lil B both showcasing their own respective skills, to make something enjoyable for the world to hear.

Check out Nia Orea and Lil B “Sticks (Remix)” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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