Donovan Andrews x ALOGO –  YOU DO

Donovan Andrews x ALOGO – YOU DO

We love getting music from all over. No matter where it comes from, if it’s good it has a place with us, but being from Michigan we love getting records from home, so when we got the new record from Donovan Andrews and ALOGO titled “YOU DO” we were excited to see what we’d hear.

When we hit play on Donovan Andrews and ALOGO’s “YOU DO” we got everything we could ask for and more! The production is instantly engaging, and exciting with them making the perfect blend of Pop and EDM to make damn good music. The vocals sound ready for the world with a stellar approach to the music, that sounds digestible on this ready radio hit set to go far.

 Donovan Andrews and ALOGO’s “YOU DO” is an incredible record that is destined to go far. Their understanding of music shines bright, as they connect on every level of record making from the production ,vocals, and writing it all comes together to make something undeniable and must hear for the world.

Check out Donovan Andrews and ALOGO “YOU DO”  below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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