Isabela Merced x Danna Paola – Don’t Go

Isabela Merced x Danna Paola – Don’t Go

A true mark of great artistry is when you can feel the energy of the record. That music that’s engaging, and makes you take on the feel of the music in a real way. What you get from Isabela Merced and Danna Paola, is an exciting record packed with grooves you hope never end on the new song “Don’t Go”.

Isabela Merced comes together with Danna Paola to craft a must here experience, musically and visually on the new song “Don’t Go”. The Latin vibes in the production shine in a real way, with grooves that make you want to dance, as the mega vocals makes their presence felt, and played the perfect guide to this musical destination you will never want to leave.

Isabela Merced and Danna Paola’s “Don’t Go” is that exciting music that can brighten up your dimmest day. It’s a record ready for the world, and ready to be enjoyed with everything about it being time from beginning to end. If you want to enjoy amazing music, hit play on these exciting visuals and music now!

Check out Isabela Merced and Danna Paola “Don’t Go” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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