Erik Frank – Low Key

Erik Frank – Low Key

Some songs just have that soul to it. That presence in the approach that makes you buy in immediately, as you take in the emotion of the record as your own, while you get lost in time to the music. Erik Frank has that kind of music and his new song “Low Key” shows how much he has to offer the world.

Erik Frank delivers musical brilliance on his new song “Low Key”. The vocal approach is beyond words, with him delivering each line with soul and conviction that make you a lifetime fan of ones artistry. It excels at going beyond good music, but an experience that touches the soul in a real way, as each moving part of the song comes together in a divine way to make one of a kind artistry.

Erik Frank’s “Low Key” is an amazing record where appeal and soul meet. It has a major sound to catch your attention, and the soul that makes you stick around for every second. Good music is waiting for whoever presses play on this magical record.

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