Hauskey – Somewhere

Hauskey – Somewhere

Music is often a reflection of the times. The sounds that fit what we are thinking, or going through in the moment you hear it. To say everyone thinks about getting away in these crazy time is an understatement, and Hauskey writes the soundtrack for those thoughts on his new song “Somewhere”.

Hauskey delivers the perfect blend of feel good production and heavy writing on the new song “Somewhere”. The production captures you right away, with a bright tone that makes you want to dream, while his special vocal approach makes you feel the soul in the record, while he delivers the writing the world feels on this stellar record.

Hauskey’s “Somewhere” is the perfect song to listen to and get away with your thoughts. It’s not only a good record, but music that creates an experience that you will crave to be apart of. If you need good music to get you thought, this record delivers in every way.

Check out Hauskey “Somewhere” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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