TORYIA – Marilyn

TORYIA – Marilyn

Music can bring so many different feelings, and emotions but some music just takes you away. Some music you can just get instantly lost in, with no plans of ever coming back, because where this record took you is where you need to be. That type of special sound is prominent on TORYIA’s new song “Marilyn”.

TORYIA makes audio magic on her new song “Marilyn”. The music is beyond incredible with the production setting the ultimate tone, for TORYIA’s beautiful vocals too float all over. The writing is stellar and amazing in it’s articulation, with a big time chorus to take it all to tis rightful destination.

TORYIA’s “Marilyn” is that special music exceeds in every category to not only make a song packed with appeal, but a master class of music to make it all must hear. It’s special in every way and the only work the listener has to do is press play and enjoy the music.

Check out TORYIA “Marilyn” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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