Rook Monroe – Pink and Purple

Rook Monroe – Pink and Purple

Fridays are always about posting the best music, and some music is so good, it would be shameful not to post it. Those songs are rare, but when you find them they must be acknowledged, and showcased to the world. That type of song you get from Rook Monroe on the new song “Pink and Purple”.

Rook Monroe is an undeniable artist with a sound packed with soul and creativity on his new song “Pink and Purple”. Rook’s talents are on full display as he makes a record that sounds like the love child of Elton John and Frank Ocean. The song writing is brilliant and the accompanying vocal performance makes it genius in it’s execution to make this song a true modern day musical work of art.

Rook Monroe’s “Pink and Purple” is the creative music you’ve been waiting for. It feels good to the soul, as he takes control with a stellar performance on the record, showing his full skill set, while still making damn good music that is digestible for the masses, and showing he’s worth every single listen.

Check out Rook Monroe “Pink and Purple” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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