Rick Smoove – From The Jump

Rick Smoove – From The Jump

A true mark of an artist, is how fast the music sticks with you. Those records you hear and you instantly, want to learn the words to sing a long. That something Rick Smoove is always able to do, with his knack for writing always shining through, and with his latest release he turns it up even more on his new song “From The Jump”.

Rick Smoove delivers an instant smash on his new song “From The Jump. The music is big time, and Rick’s larger than life presence is big enough to handle the moment. The production sets the perfect tone, for the writing to shine brighter than ever, with great verses and a chorus packed with appeal to take this records to it’s rightful destination in the stars.

Rick Smoove’s “From The Jump” is a magnum opus level of work that is set to go far. It has a special sound, and the music doesn’t disappoint for a single second. He delivers in every way to make must hear music for his fans, and people all over the world looking for great music to enjoy.

Check out Rick Smoove “From The jump” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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