Kro – Louis For My Grandma

Kro – Louis For My Grandma

A record that will always go far is now with a appeal. A record that you hear, and know this can go very far, because it has a sound everyone will love. With music being s subjective its hard to find songs with that feel but Kro has one of those songs on his new song “Louis For My Grandma”.

Kro crafts a record that’s destined for the stars on his new song “Louis For My Grandma”. The production sets an amazing tone, with a radio ready sound that he works magic over. The melodic approach feels good to hear, and makes you want the song to be endless, while he still showcases a high caliber pen, that is the thing of hits to showcase his talents on full bloom.

Kro’s “Louis For My Grandma” is a record packed with unlimited mass appeal, the whole world will love. It’s filled with musical talent that shines bright in every way, while also making a record that is ready for the world to eat up, with a special sound you must be apart of.

Check out Kro “Louis For My Grandma” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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