Cellus Hamilton – Beautiful One (Official Video)

Cellus Hamilton – Beautiful One (Official Video)

Hip hop is far from it’s days of being boom bap, and can cover a wide range of sounds as well as topics. As much as Hip Hop can be hard, it also can have a touch of sophistication and intimacy to it that connects with the listener in a real way. The latter is on full bloom from the latest release from Cellus Hamilton titled “Beautiful One”.

Cellus Hamilton shows off his lyrical ability , while creating an intimate experience for his fans on his new song “Beautiful One”. The production sets the perfect tone, with soft drums and guitar riffs that Cellus, lyrics float over to poetically talk about the one he cares about. The flow is as fluid as ever, and flows in waves as you get engulfed in the music he brings you.

Cellus Hamilton “Beautiful One” shows the intimacy and soul that Hip Hop can posses. He’s able to still show his amazing lyrical ability, and flow control while making a record for the lovers, that will last the times. He accompanies this record with great visuals to make it all click just right.

Check out Cellus Hamilton “Beautiful One” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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