Siddartha – Sideways (Official Video)

Siddartha – Sideways (Official Video)

No matter how many releases to choose from, good music always stands out. That type of music that is undeniable and stops you in your tracks, as you are invested in the presence from the music. That type of music is hard to fund, but Siddartha makes it easy, with his new song “Sideways”.

Siddartha defies any preference one can have on his commanding new smash “Sideways”. The talent is special and undeniable, as he doesn’t waste a single second to give the people what they need. The writing is strong, and the flow is powerful enough to deliver it all, with an exhilarating approach that holds you attention for every second.

Siddartha’s “Sideways” is that impressive music, that makes finding gems fun. For his established fans its everything they love, and for any new fans, they won’t be disappointed, as he gives an instant classic that’s packed with unlimited replay value for the world to enjoy.

Check out Siddartha “Sideways” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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