G. Dot – Hunger

G. Dot – Hunger

In order to let with the people, an artist has to have conviction. That real feel in the music, that touches the soul, as the artist goes for it. That type of artist is destined to last the times, and exudes greatness. G. Dot is that type of artist on his new song “Hunger”.

G. Dot embodies the title on his new song “Hunger”. You feel his presence immediately, as he takes command over this soulful production, with a masterful execution in the flow to make it all hit just right. The writing is strong and focused, with him not letting up for a second to give the listener a real view into his story, that makes you take it on as your own.

G. Dot’s “Hunger” is that lifetime Hip Hop that sticks with you through the times. He embodies everything it is to be a great emcee, as he not only gives you stellar emceeing, but an honest display of music that makes it a modern day soul masterpiece for the world to enjoy it.

Check out G. Dot “Hunger” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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