Schoolly D – Real Rhymes & Real Raps

Schoolly D – Real Rhymes & Real Raps

When it comes to legendary emcees, everyone speaks on influence. How an emcees style can transcend the time, and stay around for time to come. Schoolly D’s influence can be heard, in some of the biggest records in Hip Hop, with him pioneering Gangster Rap since his song “P.S.K.”. With his newest work he brings his style to the present, on his new song “Real Rhymes and Real Raps.

Schoolly D lets his golden style shine to the fullest on his new song “Real Rhymes and Real Raps”. The flow is packed with high energy and conviction, over this production that plays the perfect score for the show he creates. The rhyming is harder nd each line pops out to show you why he is considered a pioneer, in this prominent genre.

Schoolly D’s “Real Rhymes and Real Raps” is a sharp Hip Hop record, to showcase his style to the fullest. He has more life and more heat to bring to the world, as he displays every reason, why he will forever be a legend in this game.

Check out Schoolly D “Real Rhymes & Real Raps” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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