Tay Rob – Lately

Tay Rob – Lately

An element of music that helps it stick with you is soul. That real authentic experience being brought you by the listener, that you feel the music in a real way. That is something Tay Rob has marveled in, on his latest release “Lately” he gives you everything you love from him and some.

Tay Rob brings some of his best rhyming to date on his new song “Lately”. The production is reminiscent of the soul sound that was prominent in the early 2010’s, while Tay Rob delivers some of his best rhyming to date. The flow is more focused than ever, as you hear the burning desire in him to be great, as he tells his story to connect with the listener.

Tay Rob’s “Lately” is him in his bag. He commands your attention for every second on this must hear record, with him exceling in every aspect of his craft. The flow is more focused than ever, the writing is strong, and it’s all over the right production to showcase his talent to the fullest.

Check out Tay Rob “Lately” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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