Day Lee – Jenny

Day Lee – Jenny

Artists are better than ever at genre blending. Bringing everything you love from multiple genres, to one record to make a cohesive sound that’s enjoyable in every way. A artist who does this at a super level is Day Lee, and it shines on his new song “Jenny”.

Day Lee does everything right to make a song you can feel on his new song “Jenny”. The song is packed with great melodies, that are a match made in heaven over the guitar strings in the production. The story telling is engaging and the touch of soul to the delivery makes it all, music you can feel in a real way.

Day Lee’s “Jenny” is a shining example of the new school of artists mixing Trap and R&B. The flow and cadence is very much Hip Hop, as it rides the beat with flavor, but the soul and story telling is very much R&B to make a perfect storm of must hear music.

Check out Day Lee “Jenny” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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