DBangz – Been a Long Time (Official Video)

DBangz – Been a Long Time (Official Video)

It’s always refreshing to her an artist just got for it. Not worried about making something catchy or trendy, but just making good art. That passion and music you get from that mindset, is always something special and DBangz gives you nothing short of a master class on his new song “Been a Long Time”.

DBangz lives up to the name and bangs out an instant classic on his new song “Been a Long Time”. The rhyming is stellar in every way, with an ambitious flow that comes across well in the music. Each line is delivered with ultimate conviction and passion, as you hear the fire burning in him to be the best, with each line being sharp in it’s own right, over this production that plays the perfect stage for the show he creates in the audio.

DBangz “Been a Long Time” is everything that makes Hip Hop special. The music has an authenticity to it that can’t be faked for a second, with the music being real enough to the point you feel it. DBangz dares to be great and with records like this, nothing but greatness is on the horizon for this rising emcee.

Check out DBangz “Been a Long Time” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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