Scorpio – Mr Ness

Scorpio – Mr Ness

Hip Hop is not only about great sounds. It’s also about bringing people together, and enjoying music to the fullest. Hip Hop pioneer Scorpio from Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five embodies this and bridges the gap for the old school and new school and his new song “Mr Ness”.

Scorpio is timeless on his new exciting record “Mr Ness”. The production sets the perfect tone, with grooves and 808’s that will make you move. Scorpio steps up and embodies being an emcee, as he controls the listener with amazing rhyming, and polished flow to make this record connect on every level, to create an experience of Hip Hop you must be apart of.

Scorpio’s “Mr Ness” is an infectious record with unlimited replay value. The emceeing is impeccable, and brings a sound that’s digestible for the masses. It’s not only great emceeing, but an incredible record that is engaging and fun to take in, to make it a special record.

Check out Scorpio “Mr Ness” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friend!

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