Agallah & Sadat X – Praise The Lords (feat. Greg Nice)

Agallah & Sadat X – Praise The Lords (feat. Greg Nice)

An element of Hip Hop that people can lose sight of is the soul element. As much as Hip Hop can be filled with flash, and glamour, it’s the true Hip Hop with soul that makes a lifetime connection to fans. That music that you hear and feel instantly because it’s that real. That’s what Agallah and Sadat X come together to do on their new song “Praise The Lords” featuring Greg Nice.

Agallah, Sadat X, and Greg Nice come together to make a record that screams Hip Hop lives on the new song “Praise The Lords”. The production engages you instantly with hard drums, and strings that feels like New York City, as everyone puts on in a real way. The lyrics are filled with hard lines and gems that shine out the speakers for the listener, to take in a master class of emceeing on this supreme display of audio.

Agallah and Sadat X “Praise The Lords” featuring Greg Nice is a record that shows not only the authenticity of Hip Hop, but the innovation that is possible when real talent comes together, to make one cohesive dope sound. It shines in every aspect of record making, and a song that purists and casuals will enjoy alike.

Check out Agallah & Sadat X “Praise The Lords” featuring Greg Nice below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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