Until The Very End – Bring It Home

Until The Very End – Bring It Home

With all the criteria on what a good record is, some need no explanation. Some records you can feel in your soul, as powerful and know no matter what ones preference is, that music you’re hearing embodies excellence. That everything you get from Until The Very End on his new song “Bring It Home”.

Until The Very End shows the true power of real emceeing on his new song “Bring It Home”. He doesn’t waste a single second of the listener’s time, as his presence is impossible to ignore. The production is incredible, and the rhyming is even better, with an ambitious flow you hear desire in that will get him very far. The lyrics are deep and intricate, as well as sharp as he rips this beat into shreds with every line.

Until The Very End’s “Bring It Home” is the type of Hip Hop that is the back bone for this fresh genre. It’s the music that is the soundtrack to our lives, that will last well beyond it’s years, with greatness being exuded by this special artist who is ready for the world.

Check out Until The Very End “Bring It Home” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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