Des – Back to Skewl

Des – Back to Skewl

Hip Hop is at its best when it’s real. When an emcee subsidies the slits and glamour, and give you something beyond authentic but soulful. That approach that makes the music, the soundtrack for our times. That music will always win and Des gives a masterpiece on his new song “Back to Skewl”.

Des tackles real issues in the most digestible way possible to make something special on his new song “Back to Skewl”. Des sets the perfect tone with, his amazing production that sets the perfect tone for him to deliver. The writing is realer than ever, taking on the current state of the world, with burning passion in the flow that makes every line, felt just right. The experience is authentic and the conviction in the rhyming, cannot be faked as he not only showcases his talent, but making something for the world to feel.

Des “Back to Skewl” shows the full potential of Hip Hop when it is tapped into. It’s not only amazing Hip Hop record in every way, but also a tool to help people get through, on this record that is the voice for the voiceless, from a stellar artist who dares to be great for the people.

Check out Des “Back to Skewl” below and flow and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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