Summer Payton – On The Spot Love

Summer Payton – On The Spot Love

Music is more than audio art. It’s an escape for some. That thing that you go to after a long day or when you just need that thing, to help you get away for a moment in time. Special talent Summer Payton has that thing you can vibe out to endlessly on the new song “On The Spot Love”

Summer Payton embodies the soul R&B music is legendary for with her new song “On The Spot Love”. It’s a truly sexy soul sound filled with elegance and grace. Summer masters the art of making what is a rarity in today’s music which is love music. Music that you hear and you think of someone special, as well as give your all to someone just off the impression a record can give you. She gives an incredible vocal performance that meshes perfectly with this production to make this song a must hear.

Summer Payton’s “On The Spot Love” is the perfect song to get away to. It’s impressive in every way, and makes a song that not only shows her amazing talent, but a record you can enjoy with no limits. Summer’s artistry is on full bloom for the world to enjoy with one of a kind that anyone can hear and admire.

Check out Summer Payton “On The Spot Love” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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