Lady Ace Boogie: That’s All For Now (Album Review)

Lady Ace Boogie: That’s All For Now (Album Review)

If you’re from Grand Rapids, MI then you know who Lady Ace Boogie. A hometown hero that has become a symbol of musical excellence for the city. With an incredible catalog and live show, she’s the total package of an artist. When she announced her new project “That’s All For Now”, it left many people wondering what she would deliver, and she answered with amazing body of work that will stick with the people for some time. Eight tracks with each playing it’s own special part, on this must hear project. Below is a breakdown of her latest work

Stand Alone: “In a cold world, sunny days get blue” A strong opener that’s commanding from the start. The opening chords set a nice soulful tone, for Ace to deliver. The polish in the flow shines, while the lyrics are filled with pain, shes daring enough to give to the people. Her rhymes are accompanied by soulful vocals that set the tone for what’s to come.

Free Featuring Steven Malcolm: For the second record, the pace picks up and delivers a record full of fireworks. The rhymes are hard, and aware as she tackles tough issues, over this production with the right amount bounce to make it all digestible. For the feature she enlists fellow Grand Rapids Native Steven Malcolm, who adds value with his superstar flow that gives extra light on this must hear song.

Fight for Your Life (feat. James Tellis Jr.): “Chin up, head to the sky” One of the greatest elements of this project, is the ability to not only show range but get the listener invested in a real way, with this record being a shining example of that. She gives her fans a taste of her singing that, makes you feel every word, and delivering amazing emceeing, with a vocal sample of her father at the end on soulful work of art.

You’re Worth It: “Don’t forget to love yourself” The life gems that people come to Hip Hop for, is what this record is packed with. She takes over this hard B.Coe production to deliver the game people need to get through. Each line is delivered with conviction, from her flow that she can play with at will, as your hear her words bounce off every 808 to perfection.

I Do What I Want (feat. Lola Blanco): If there was a record on here, that you know will be a fan favorite, come performance time you know it will be this one. The swagger from Ace and Lola Blanco is infectious, as they lyrically bypass the naysayers to make a banger, that fans will be singing along to for some time.

Ladi Dadi (feat. Rebel Kuzco & J.Rob): “You only live once, don’t be wasting time around here” The classic Slick Rick record is flipped and given new life on this record. The production has that knock to it that’s engaging, while Ace kicks off the song with impressive rhyming that’s fun to hear. Rebel Kuzco steps up for the first feature with his slick rhyming that stands out. J. Rob is the second feature and brings brilliant flow that drives every bar to it’s rightful place on this supreme record.

Eyes Wide Open (feat. Callab & E-Will): Soul music isn’t just music that makes you feel something deep, but music that feels good to the spirit to hear, this is one of those records. The feel good tone that Ace, Callab, and E-Will capture is major with a big time chorus, that’s packed with appeal and golden emceeing that makes it a hard record not to turn up.

My Time: For the final record she keeps the culture alive. All of her talents are on full bloom from the super dope flow, the sharp lyrics, and an amazing chorus to give this project the ending it deserves.

Lady Ace Boogie’s “That’s All For Now” is truly superb body of work that will have people craving, a return for this emcee. It doesn’t lack any category and is packed with unlimited gems, that every listener will find more of with each listen.

Check out Lady Ace Boogie “That’s All For Now” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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