Cellus Hamilton – Beautiful One (Official Video)

Cellus Hamilton shows off his lyrical ability , while creating an intimate experience for his fans on his new song “Beautiful One”.

All Of The Lights (Artist Of The Week) 9/21/2020- PorKidd

PorKidd is the All of the Lights (Artist of the Week) for 09/21/2020

Siddartha – Sideways (Official Video)

Siddartha defies any preference one can have on his commanding new smash “Sideways”.

G. Dot – Hunger

G. Dot embodies the title on his new song “Hunger”

Schoolly D – Real Rhymes & Real Raps

Schoolly D lets his golden style shine to the fullest on his new song “Real Rhymes and Real Raps”.

Tyler Langley – Don’t

Tyler Langley gives you a vibe you can’t deny on her new song “Don’t”

MoLo GlobalMoneyWorld

SoundCloud rapper MoLo is making big moves with his latest single “A Lot

MoLo isn’t a name that you hear often, but you will hear it “a lot” more very soon. The SoundCloud platform has been going crazy over MoLo’s new single “A Lot”. …

MKHL featuring William Willson – Madness

MKHL collaborates with William Willson to make must hear music, that you will want blaring out of your speakers on the new song “Madness”