ettie – Pepsi

ettie – Pepsi

Nothing sounds better than a sure thing in the music. That record you hear, and the talent shines through immensely out your speakers, while you take in every sound and know this is something special you’re hearing. That feel doesn’t come around often but when you hear it, you have no doubts. That what you get from ettie on the new song “Pepsi”.

Something familiar yet innovative is what you get from ettie on the new song “Pepsi”. The production is packed with retro synths that set a nice tone, while ettie’s big time vocals take over the show. The writing is packed with appeal, to make every element of this record, shine to the fullest on this must hear smash.

The new song “Pepsi” from ettie is that special kind of music that will never get old. It’s does everything at a stellar level to showcase her upper echelon talent, as well as a record that can cross barriers, to make it a song people can enjoy on any part of the world.

Check out ettie “Pepsi” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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