Francis On My Mind – Summer

Francis On My Mind – Summer

Music is really fun when it’s music you want to be apart of. The sounds that come out of your speaker, and make you want to enjoy the music in a real way. That type of music is truly magic, and magic is all that you get from the new song from Francis On My Mind on the new song “Summer”.

Francis On My Mind captures the nostalgic feel that Summer brings on the new song “Summer”. The grooves are infectious, and capture you right away as you get lost in the music. Francis sounds like a star on this new record giving you amazing vocals that make you melt with each note, while she commands your attention for every second on this special tune.

Francis On My Mind’s “Summer” is a record that waves will you sweep you in. It’s master class of music, that comes out to be a record that feels good to the soul to hear. She’s able to show her star power, as well as make a timeless record you will keep on repeat for time to come.

Check out Francis On My Mind “Summer” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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