Monenai – Goodbye Wendy

Monenai – Goodbye Wendy

A record that’s instantly engaging will always work. A record that as soon as you hit play, the world around you stops, as you take in the magic in the music. To be able to grab people with your music, is no easy feat but Monenai makes it sound easy on their new song “Goodbye Wendy”.

Monenai crafts together a record that will have you lost for words on the new song “Goodbye Wendy”. The music has a bright blissful feel that works wonders for this talent collective. The writing is delivered by a vocal performance filled with mass appeal the world can take in, as they deliver in every aspect of music making.

Monenai’s “Goodbye Wendy” is a stellar display of music the world should get accustomed too. It’s musically brilliant and is not only a record you can marvel at, but amazing music you can get lost in as they deliver a true masterpiece for this fans all over.

Check out Monenai “Goodbye Wendy” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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