HunnaV x J O R D A N – Dead

HunnaV x J O R D A N – Dead

Each day it gets tougher to stand out as an artist. Every day they’re are countless releases, from artist from all over the world fighting for their place with the listener. In order to stand apart you not only have to make good music, but consistent good music to the point people associate your name with quality. That’s what HunnaV has going for him, and you can enjoy his latest with J O R D A N on the new song “Dead”.

HunnaV links up with J O R D A N to make a hit you will feel on the new song “Dead”. The writing shines on this new record, with it being amazing in it’s articulation and delivered perfectly with the right amount of emotion to bring it home for the listener. They do all of this over this alt trap beat that makes it music you can not only feel, but music you can blast out your speakers to make it must hear.

HunnaV and J O R D A N “Dead” is the music people are craving to hear. People want authentic music they can feel, and they deliver in every way for fans of good music everywhere.

Check out HunnaV and J O R D A N “Dead” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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