Chino Cappin – Loading

Chino Cappin – Loading

An artist who puts there soul in their music, will always resonate with the people. That willingness to give the listener their all in their approach, as they craft special records to connect with people for a lifetime. Atlanta artist Chino Cappin has the authentic feel on his new song “Loading”.

Chino Cappin is daring in his approach as he gives you the real on his new song “Loading”. The production sets a nice tone, with a soulful trap sound that Chino sounds perfect over. The vocal approach has a vulnerability to it, that makes you feel the pain in the music, as he brings the listener in and shares his story in a way that is digestible for the masses.

Chino Cappin’s “Loading” is a powerful record that will not only have you going through his whole catalog, but also a record that will get your through. Chino understands what the people want in music, and he also knows how to give it to them to make him the total package of an artist.

Check out Chino Cappin “Loading” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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