Southside Rich – Get In My Bag

Southside Rich – Get In My Bag

In Hip Hop fans all over look for authenticity in their artists. That quality to them, that you buy into them because you know they can’t fake the type of experience they give you in the music. That level of authenticity makes people fans of not on the artist but the person in a real way for a life time. That real feel is what you get from Southside Rich in his new song “Get In My Bag”

Southside Rich puts on for Grand Rapids in a major way on his new song “Get In My Bag”. He has a presence that’s undeniable and commanding for the listener, as he flexes through this production that embodies the Michigan sound to the fullest. The flow is confident and boisterous enough to handle the lyrics he deliver effortlessly to make it all come to life, to bring the people in to his life.

Southside Rich “Get In My Bag” is that exciting raw music that is the soundtrack for the culture, we all enjoy. He not only has an authenticity to him that’s engaging, but the high talent necessary to keep fans entertained and coming back for more, for time to come.

Check out Southside Rich “Get In My Bag” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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