Alex Mali – Shook

Alex Mali – Shook

One of the best tools of music is the story telling. The tales we hear in the music that paints picture for us to follow, as always helped music have a special place in our life for generations. Alex Mali captured this feel to a genius level on her new song “Shook”.

Alex Mali takes us through her journey in a real way on her new song “Shook”. She gives gold standard soul all over this record, with her taking us on his journey of life to give her fans an in-depth look at the artist they’ve come to admire. The story telling is on point while her vocal approach delivers everything masterfully.

Alex Mali’s “Shook” is a true display of the art of music with her delivering an undeniable performance at every level. , The lyrics are relatable and honest in every line that makes it connect to the listener, and it’s all delivered to perfection to make “Shook” a must hear for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Alex Mali “Shook” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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