Love Angeles – Invincible

Love Angeles – Invincible

The thing with a big record is it’s commanding. Truly undeniable in it’s approach, that when you hear it, you’re engulfed in the waves of the music, of a mega experience that the artists give you. That big time feel bursts out the audio on the new song from Love Angeles on their new song “Invincible”.

Love Angeles makes an instant classic on their new smash “Invincible”. The group has your attention of their name alone that makes you want to listen right away. When you hit play, they get you invested right away, with the big time sound that can make any part of the world shake. The vocals are powerful enough to not only not get lost in the music, but be commanding in it’s approach to deliver the writing just right.

Love Angeles “Invincible” is a record that truly lives up to the name, with a sound that can not to be stopped. It’s a music experience that makes you want to dive into their whole catalog, and become invested in these sure stars with a must hear sound the world will love.

Check out Love Angeles “Invincible” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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