Kay L.A. – Crush on You (Remix)

Kay L.A. – Crush on You (Remix)

Female emcees are more dominant than they’ve ever been. Taking over this genre that, has been dominated by male influence for so long, and making a commanding mark you can’t ignore. They’re are as bold, daring, and undeniable as they’ve ever been and Kay L.A. is a shining example of that with her new song “Crush on You (Remix).

Kay L.A. is able to showcase her skills and give a nice to ode on this classic flip of Lil Kim’s “Crush on You”. Kay has a presence and confidence you feel right away, as it oozes through the music while she delivers her braggadocios lyrics, with a supreme flow that doesn’t slack for a second, over this classic production.

Kay L.A.’s “Crush on You” clicks on all cylinders for this special talent. She takes over a classic, and gives it more life to showcase her gold level of skill. It’s not only a great record for her discography, but an engaging piece of music not only audio, but visually as well to make an engaging experience to enjoy for every second.

Check out Kay L.A. “Crush on You (Remix) below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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