Artist Spotlight: August Shore

Artist Spotlight: August Shore

As much as everyone just wants to find good music to enjoy, we also hope to find the next big thing. That next artist who is undeniable in their approach, to the point you know they will be mega whether you’re apart of their journey or not. That’s the feel that August Shore has with his music.

August Shore has music that’s instantly engaging with songs like Shore Show, So What, and Lemonade being a shining example of his genius level work. Each song is a stand out in it’s own right, with him crafting a signature sound in the production that’s enticing, a super swaggy approach to the flow that you feel, and the slick writing that makes him a high caliber talent.

August Shore is a sure star who will make a global impact in no time. He’s brilliant with his approach, and crafts together music that separates him from the plethora of new artist in a real way. If you’re looking for amazing talent and your new favorite artist, then listen to him now.

Check out August Shore below and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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