The Orphan The Poet – Summer Daze

The Orphan The Poet – Summer Daze

Summer is a time where the scene is bright and it does something to the spirit. The times are festive and the day to day life just seems better and more optimistic. For anytime of the year, music is needed to match this energy that’s out there and The Orphan The Poet has that music that feels great for the soul with their new song “Summer Daze”.

The sound on The Orphan The Poet “Summer Daze” is undeniable. The production is genius level, with a big sound that has worldwide appeal on this super fun record you can’t find just anywhere on the planet. The song writing is great in it’s articulation and the vocal performance is truly stellar, with everything being delivered just right to make this a Summer jam for the masses.

The Orphan The Poet “Summer Daze” is the right song at the right time for everyone to enjoy. This work of art will leave you in awe and amazement at the musical talent being displayed. Everything truly clicks to a masterful level and feeds off of each other, from the brilliant production that sets the tone, the amazing song writing, and a superb vocal performance that checks the board of a musical smash.

Check out The Orphan The Poet “Summer Daze” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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