First Class: Democharts

First Class: Democharts

When making a platform it’s important to be innovative in your approach. Bringing fresh ideas, in a new way to not only make you situation better, but the world better. That’s something that will always help things go far, and sky’s the limit for Democharts. An innovative new music network that connect industry experts, labels, and scouts with the next big artists. They were gracious enough to discuss their platform with us, check out the interview below!

What is Democharts?

Democharts aims to be the most exclusive music network worldwide. The platform connects music industry experts, labels and scouts with promising artists. How does it work? The artist uploads his song to Democharts. Industry Experts can now listen to a 60 seconds segment of the song chosen by the artist and rate it. The best performing tracks will be featuredin the “Demo Charts”, a chartlist for unreleased music. The platform is closed gates and all industry experts are verified by our team. 

What is the inspiration behind starting Democharts?

A few years ago, when we were producing music ourselves, we encountered the same problem again and again. A lot of artists with great music and talent without connections to industry experts. Getting honest feedback on songs has been difficult and time consuming. We thought “Let’s build the ultimatemusic scouting platform” and get great music heard by the right people.  

Whats your Vision for Democharts? 

We want to be the #1 music scouting platform in the World, that’s for sure. Our goal is to create the perfect platform for labels, managers, agencies and more to scout undiscovered talents. This way we can give artists a fair chance to be discovered by great people.  

What do you enjoy the most about running Democharts? What do you find most challenging? 

It’s great to work with an amazing team and getting things done. We value every feedback and thoughts on the project and it’s amazing how much supportwe’re getting within the whole industry. The biggest challenge this year was when the whole COVID situation started happening. We knew that some ideas could not be executed in time and our member onboarding got delayed. It was challenging for us at first but we made the best out of it. We still managed to get a complete rebranding done within two months which worked out truly perfectly.  

What impact do you think that Democharts will have on the world?

Democharts will become the go to platform when it comes to pitching new music. Artists will have more time for music creation and won’t have to worry about finding the right connections anymore. In the long term, this will result in better music on streaming platforms, radios or advertisements.  

What can people expect next from Democharts?

We’re planning our launch by the end of 2020. Also we’re implementing a second feature that will help artists to connect with experts directly via video call. 2021 will be an exciting year for us and our supporters

Get familiar with Democharts with the link below. Stay Global my Friends!

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