Lil Noodle – Green Eyes

Lil Noodle – Green Eyes

Summer is in full effect and it’s packed with countless artist trying to make a banger for the season. A record that will be hotter than the weather, that can be an anthem for years to come. Just as much as artists are looking to make their mark, fans everywhere are looking for that next big thing as well. If you’re looking for that big Summer anthem, then you owe it to yourself to hear that new song from Lil Noodle called “Green Eyes”.

Lil Noodle works his magic to make must hear audio on his new song “Green Eyes”. The performance is on another plateau, as he commands your attention with his style that uses a melodic approach to deliver his lyrics, that carries the track to it’s rightful destination with ease. His presence is undeniable with infectious charisma, that helps him shine like a star for every second.

Lil Noodle’s “Green Eyes” is the perfect record for your Summer and beyond. He sounds like a star and he shines in every aspect of his craft. From the smooth melodic vocals, wavy lyrics, and his incredible flavor that makes it all connect.

Check out Lil Noodle “Green Eyes” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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