Cardi B Says Her New Album Will Have Her ‘Lemonade Moments’

Cardi B Says Her New Album Will Have Her ‘Lemonade Moments’

The Cardi B train is in full motion. With “WAP” making some of everybody feel a way, many people are suspecting Bardi to soon release an album. Keeping the run going, Cardi has hit the cover of Elle magazine and announced that she will channel Beyoncé’s Lemonade into her next album.

The moment of music honesty will take Cardi into a first-hand account of her relationship with Offset.

“My music is always going to make a woman feel like a bad bitch. When you make a woman feel like she’s the baddest bitch in the room, to me, that’s female empowerment,” Cardi said. “But this album is going to be really different. Of course, it’s going to have my Lemonade moments, my personal relationship moments.”

The moment will test Cardi’s will as she mentions she normally does not like to speak on her life, but knows that fans want a bit of insight.

“I don’t really like talking about love much, but I feel like I have to do it, just because I want people to know a little bit. There’s always rumors about me and my husband, and I feel like people would rather start rumors because they want me to be heartbroken. They want me to be hurt,” Cardi shared.

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