Music is always nice when it can be an escape. That music that feels good to the point that you just want to dream when you hear. That music is always a breath of fresh air to take in, and that magic is what “Mornings In Hawaii” by eventual infinity and Fake Fever.

The art of music is on full display for the world to enjoy on the new song from eventual infinity and Fake Fever on the new song “Mornings In Hawaii”. The production is pure brilliance, creating music packed with melodies and synth work that creates a world around you. The vocals mesh with the music perfectly, as it guides you to the best musical destination possible.

The new song “Mornings in Hawaii” by eventual infinity and Fake Fever is a great song waiting for you to explore. It’s a shining example of the magic in music, with each piece playing it’s part to give you genius level music to get lost in time with.

Check out eventual infinity and Fake Fever “Mornings In Hawaii” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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