Tessa Rae – Disposable Film

Tessa Rae – Disposable Film

Music is always the most fun when you get hear creativity in the music. That thing that helps the music you’re hearing stand apart from everything you hear daily, and has a special touch to it that keeps you listening and enjoying the tune. That’s what Tessa Rae gives us on her new song “Disposable Film”.

Tessa Rae is truly a talent that can do it all with her new song “Disposable Film” being a shining example of that. The music feels good to the ears and soul, with a creative abstract production that sets the perfect stage for Tessa to showcase her talent for the world. The songwriting is the thing of hits, with her delivering her vocals filled with mass appeal in a real way that knocks it out the park.

Tessa Rae’s “Disposable Film” is amazing music that showcases her art to the fullest. The record dares to be great and pulls it off majorly, with each moving element coming together to make a work of art anyone who listens, will enjoy the fullest.

Check out Tessa Rae “Disposable Film” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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