Tekh Togo – Honeymoon Killers

Tekh Togo – Honeymoon Killers

A mark of a great emcee is not only one who has an instant engaging style, but also an artist who can paint picture with their words. Being able to make music that when the listener hits play, a world around them opens up and can see the music so vividly, as if they are there to take it all in first hand. Grand Rapids talent Tekh Togo does that perfectly on his new song “Honeymoon Killers”

Tekh Togo gives even more reason to get excited for his upcoming EP “The Big Saces EP” with his latest release “Honeymoon Killers”. The production has a nice 70’s feel that Tekh’s style works perfectly on. The flow has a certain sophistication to it to make, every line feel high class as you take in this golden style of Hip Hop that he blesses his fans with.

Tekh Togo’s “Honeymoon Killers” is a record that embodies the soul that helped Hip Hop rise to prominence. The writing is great in it’s articulation, and executed to the fullest with his flow that is a driving force in the music, over this amazing production to make it the perfect storm of must hear music.

Check out Tekh Togo “Honeymoon Killers” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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