My_Kayla – To Whom It May Concern (What They Want DMX Cover)

My_Kayla – To Whom It May Concern (What They Want DMX Cover)

Getting people to hear your music and enjoy it, is never an easy feat. Adding on taking on a classic record, and making it your own makes the task an even harder. To pull it off you have to have major skills and My_Kayla lets all of her skills shine on the new song “To Whom It May Concern”.

My_Kayla is able to take a Hip Hop classic and make it her own on her new song “To Whom It May Concern”. She flips the DMX song “What They Really Want” and takes it to a whole different direction, you never knew the song could go. She showcases gold standard emceeing as she lyrically takes on police brutality and race relations in a supreme way, to make it all digestible.

My_Kayla’s “To Whom It May Concern” is that powerful Hip Hop that keeps the daring spirit of the genre alive. She gives you a master class with her lyrical content, the flow that’s powerful enough to deliver the message, and it’s all over a classic production that will people enjoy.

Check out My_Kayla “To Whom It May Concern” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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