Emily Brooks – Sublime

Emily Brooks – Sublime

Countless records come out daily, but most lack creativity. That innovation in it’s approach to help it stand out or make a unique connection with the listener. If you have that void for original creative music, then look no further than this new song from Emily Brooks called “Sublime”.

Emily Brooks shows the true art of music on her new song “Sublime”. The production instantly captures a mood, that makes you dream to the music, as her vocals play the perfect guide to help you navigate though this world of magic she creates in the music. The writing is perfect for the music and helps it all come together perfectly.

Emily Brooks “Sublime” is everything that music should be. She goes against the grain and dares to take chances in the music, that pays off majorly for this special creative. This is a truly a record you can let play and just enjoy the music for every second of magic she gives to the world.

Check out Emily Brooks “Sublime” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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