Hip Hop has always been famous for the relationship between producer and emcee. Many classics have been made by the perfect pairs coming together and The Plug, Lacrim, and Morad have come together to make their own stamp together with their new record “De Aqui Pa Ya”.

The Plug brings everyone together with this hit packed with Reggaeton vibes that Lacrim and Morad’s rhymes flexes over perfectly, on the new song “De Aqui Pa Ya”. They give the people everything they could ask for with infectious flow that’s super engaging and their amazing lyrics that blend with the grooves, to make you want to move for every second

The Plug, Lacrim, and Morad’s “De Aqui Pa Ya” is that music that shows the power of . It’s everything that you’re looking for when you listen to music, from amazing production that sets the right tone, as well as amazing artistry that makes this a master class of music.

Check out The Plug, Lacrim, and Morad’s “De Aqui Pa Ya” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!




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