HunnaV x Costa – Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts (Album Review)

HunnaV x Costa – Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts (Album Review)

Music is simple as it is complicated. To get people to listen to your music you not only have to be talented, but make music that the people want to hear. People want to hear great music that’s engaging. It’s not always easy to pull off but everything that you will from the right artists. HunnaV and Costa are those artists with their new EP “Drunk Words and Sober Thoughts”. A 5 track EP that is sonic mastery for the people to enjoy. Below is the review.

Sober:  “I gotta get it there’s no other options” A swaggy start to the project. The production has a going for it feel that they are able to shine over. The lyrics are packed with bravado, especially in the chorus that’s engaging with the right vocal approach and the verses that make this EP start strong.

Lucky: A nice slowed down trap follow up to it’s predecessor. The melodic approach shines right away, with them being able to capture emotion in the tone, that makes this a modern day soul record, with writing that will have anyone listening in the feels.

Demons: Something that stands out about this project is how well the music is sonically, and how well everything flows with this record highlighting that. The vocal approach delivered over the slowed down production, makes everything feels like its dripping with incredible flavor, while still being able to feel the pain in the music in a real way.

Dripx7: “I know we talking, but that shint ain’t free” Everything they do well is on full display. The flows are super swaggy and ride the beat to perfection to guide the listener. The vocal tones are on point to make the lyrics land in a special way to make this an absolute standout record.

Woke Freestyle: *Personal Favorite* This record steals the show and sends this EP off just right. It sounds like the action packed to the last record, with the beat hitting just right, and the flows being on point to show the high skill level. To add more fireworks the beat changes and they deliver a must hear show for all of their fans, with exhilerating flows and hard lyrics to send this project off right.

HunnaV and Costa “Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts” is everything you could ask for. In a short span of time they give you music, on each side of the spectrum to make it a record fitting for any mood you’re in. Fans familiar will get everything they’ve come for and new fans will get acquainted with a new favorite.

Check out HunnaV and Costa “Drunk Words & Sober Thoughts” below, as as their video for the single “Sober” and follow them Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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