When dropping music consistently the people can become to expect things from artists. Whether it’s a certain vibe, or style in the music, people who are familiar just come for certain things, and with City Morgue you can always expect high energy music that you can’t ignore with their new song “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE” showcasing their style to the fullest.

City Morgue never wastes a single second capturing the listener, and their latest record “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE” is another undeniable banger. The music is raw and high energy, as it grabs the listener by the collar and shakes them up for every second of audio. The vocal approach is big enough to handle the music, to deliver the lyrics that are just as commanding as the music they give us.

City Morgue’s “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE” plays no games and gives you everything you love from this group. They dare to take chances, and go against the grain to make must hear music, and create an experience you must be apart of, with everything coming together to create beautiful chaos.

Check out City Morgue “TOXIC BOOGALOO” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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