Don Marae – Gentle

Don Marae – Gentle

Hearing an impressive record from an artist, always makes you wonder what they will do next. If they can keep the momentum going, or was it just a fluke. Don Marae shows she not only got a high level of talent, but that shes going to be around for some time on her new song “Gentle”.

The first time we heard Don Marae was on her song “Crema” an impressive record dripping with flavor, and on her new release she shows her range to make a pop masterpiece on her new song “Gentle”. The production is packed with mass appeal, that she takes advantage of with her melodic approach that’s big time enough to pull it off. She takes on the topic of break ups in her own creative that makes this song impressive in every way.

Don Marae’s “Gentle” is another amazing record for this artist that will take her far. She dares to take chances with her music, and it pays off majorly for this rising talent, that is destined to be mentioned with the stars sooner than later, with her must hear talent that does all of the talking she will ever have to.

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