Tamara Bubble – Standing Here United

Tamara Bubble – Standing Here United

It’s always exciting to see where an artist takes their music next. Showcasing a engaging style of music, that displays their full talent to make you want to see what they do next. With Tamara Bubble she switches it up from the fun style you hear on “Squeaky Wheel” and delivers some of her most powerful music to date.

Tamara Bubble calls to action on her new amazing record “Standing Here United”. The music is exciting for every second with her delivering a masterpiece over this exhilarating production. The flow is high powered and drives the song along perfectly, to deliver the intense lyrics the world should hear right now.

Tamara Bubble’s “Standing Here United” is where talent and consciousness meet. She uses all of her talents to make a powerful record at the right time. The music is commanding and impossible to turn away from as we all enjoy Tamara in her finest hour.

Check out Tamara Bubble “Standing Here United” and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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