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Music is at it’s most fun, when you can hear the artists enjoying themselves in the music. That infectious energy that you can hear, and know just as much as you enjoy hearing it, they enjoyed making it. That music is a joy to come across and a record that you must enjoy is T. Rich featuring Kasher Quon called “No Jumper”.

T. Rich links with Kasher Quon for the super entertaining record “No Jumper”. Every second is enjoyable with this pair putting on for Detroit in a major way. They bring that signature flow that pushes the song along well, as they deliver their raw lyrics that are packed with wit , to make each line as enjoyable as the next, over this hard production.

T. Rich featuring Kasher Quon “No Jumper” is a creative song and visual that is hard to turn away from. They don’t waste a single second giving their fans an entertaining experience, that the people need now more than ever on this special piece of audio.

Check out T. Rich featuring Kasher Quon “No Jumper” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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